In recent years, the concern and emphasis on environmental issues have been on the rise around the world, making environmental protection a collective responsibility for all. Against this backdrop, SANGEAN Electronics Inc held a significant beach cleanup event named "Beach Cleanup / Ocean's Call for You" on the morning of August 12 at Shimen Cave, aiming to arouse everyone's awareness towards ocean protection, and respond to the environmental appeal. Let us join hands to contribute to our beautiful Earth.

The beach cleanup activity unfolded on the shores of Shimen Cave, attracting SANGEAN Electronics Inc's internal staff to participate wholeheartedly. In the wake of a passing typhoon, the beach was littered with various kinds of trash, ranging from discarded fishing nets to small polystyrene fragments, presenting a shocking sight. SANGEAN's employees bent over and rolled up their sleeves, collecting bags and bags of beach garbage in just a few short hours. During the event, while admiring the beautiful scenery of the waves hitting the sand, they carefully searched for trash scattered on the beach. They diligently picked up various types of waste, such as plastic bottles, paper, cigarette butts, etc. This was not just a beach cleaning operation, but also a practical concern for sustainable development, protecting our Earth through real actions.

SANGEAN Electronics Inc values environmental sustainability, and has been paying attention to marine waste-related issues since 2015, also actively participating in related activities. In addition to internal promotion, SANGEAN has also implemented related concepts into its products: Our products comply with principles promoting socially beneficial, economically viable, and environmentally appropriate forest management, abiding by these principles have earned many of our products FSC certification. Our goal is to ensure that all products receive FSC certification as soon as possible. Most importantly, SANGEAN strives to reduce packaging material and create durable, long-lasting products.

After the event ended, participants not only contributed to the cleanliness of the beach but also left with a profound understanding of environmental protection. SANGEAN Electronics Inc's beach cleanup event is not just an activity but an attitude, a commitment to being environmentally responsible. In the future, SANGEAN Electronics Inc will continue to host similar environmental activities, appealing to more people through real actions to focus on environmental protection, and together contribute to the green future of our Earth.Sangean beach cleanup event