Radio is far from being a technology of the past. Instead, the radio is only getting better. With new and innovative ways to read radio signals and transmit audio, the quality of radio broadcasts is better than they have ever been before. The technology behind other aspects of our listening has improved, including speakers and devices, but the latest radio improvement is now coming to countries worldwide, including Thailand

So, what is DAB+, and why is it so exciting that DAB+ is now finally available in Thailand? In this article, we will discuss how DAB+ works, where you can access it, and exactly why it has become a trending product in the country of Thailand. 

DAB+ Radio is Now in Thailand

What is DAB+ Radio? 

DAB+ is digital radio which is similar to digital television broadcasts as opposed to previous iterations of TV. AM and FM radio transmissions are subject to frequency interruptions in the form of interference. DAB+, however, is at a higher radio frequency than AM and FM, which means that interruptions and interference are rare. 

So, if you’re getting upset by the static in your radio broadcasts, DAB+ radio is definitely something you should consider. DAB+ radio also has other benefits to using it. The service is free, provides many listening opportunities, and delivers clearer sound. According to Digital Radio Plus, DAB+ radio also gets more station choices and a broad product range.

How Can You Access Thailand DAB+ Radio?

If you are interested in accessing DAB+ radio in Thailand and enjoying the significant upgrade to your radio listening, you will need to invest in a device that allows you to access DAB+. This may sound intimidating, but what we mean here is that you will need to buy a radio that is outfitted for DAB+!

There are plenty of options on the market for DAB+ radio, including high-quality radio products from SANGEAN. Let’s review two of the best DAB+-enabled radios from SANGEAN so that you can select a new radio and start listening to DAB+ as soon as possible!


The SANGEAN DCR-89+ is a tabletop radio with both DAB+ and FM capabilities. Also, it is a clock radio which allows you to set it up in your home and serve the function of telling time. Because DAB+ is a digital service, the clock is corrected automatically! Not only will you be able to listen to DAB+, but you’ll also have a stunning, sleek radio in your home. 



For a portable radio option that is DAB+ enabled, you can pick up the SANGEAN DPR-77. This radio is adorable and comes in stunning blue or red to show your style off while listening to digital radio on the go. You can use rechargeable or dry cell batteries and access both FM and DAB+ radio. 

a person is holding SANGEAN DPR-77


With a DAB+ radio, you can access the radio on the go and at home without worrying about frequent interruptions that will hinder your ability to listen to music or talk shows. With free access to many channels and better sound quality, you won’t regret purchasing a SANGEAN DAB+ radio! Visit our SANGEAN Lazada store to find more Thai DAB+ radio options.

We hope you are just as excited about DAB+ radio as we are. If you are interested in a SANGEAN DAB+ radio, you can view the full selection here